Olympic Torch Relay: Kings Lynn - London Road, Lynn Sport and Sandringham.

4th July 2012

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A selectiuon of Photographs taken by John Barrett LRPS © Copyright 2012 (see Conditions below)

Olympic Flame arrived in King's Lynn on 4th July 2012 on the 47th day of its 8,000-mile jorney to London


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Photo ref: 12/0483389


Stage 1 South Gates

Arrrival at Lynn

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Photo ref: 12/048577


Fiona Sheppard

London Road

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Photo ref: 12/048587


Lauren Reeder

Lynn Sport

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Photo ref: 12/048691


Eddie Pleban

Sandringham P1 - Norwich Gate

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Photo ref: 12/048700


Paul Tudor

Sandringham P2 - Norwich Gate

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Photo ref: 12/048519


Rachel Forrest

Sandringham P3 - Norwich Gate

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Details about Torch Bearers shown in the above photographs:-

1. Fiona Sheppard, 20 from Huntingdon - Carrying the Flame from South Gates towards Town Center. Fiona Sheppard nomination story.

2. Lauren Reeder, 24 from Lowestoft - Carrying the Flame to Lynn Sport. Lauren Reeder nomination story.

3. Eddie Pleban, 63 from Norwich - Carrying the Flame from Sandringham Visitors Centre to the Norwich Gate. Eddie Pleban nomination story.

4. Paul Tudor, 57, from Spalding - Carrying the Flame to Sandringham House from the Norwich Gate. Paul Tudor nomination story.

5. Rachel Forrest, 26 from Kings Lynn - Carrying the Flame from Sandringham House on the final leg. Rachel Forrest nomination story.

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