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A  Steven B Allen, 

B  Ivan Frank Baker, 

 Albert James Barnard (Jim), 

 Patricia Marie Barnard ( Pat), 

 Arthur R Barrett, 

 Margaret M Barrett, 

 Leonard Barwood (Len), 

 John Batch, 

 Helen Bennell, 

 Harold G E Birdseye, 

 Margaret Phyllis Bodger, 

 Teunis Boer (Tom), 

 Ray Boughen, 

 Henry Graham Brown. (Ginger) 

 Captain Geoff Burnham, 

 Edward Page Burton, 

C  Frederick Campbell (Jock), 

 Albert Christie, 

 Kenneth Clarke (Ken), 

D  William David Alfred Dack (Bill), 

E  Ron M. Edgley, 

 David Eke, 

 Leonard G Eglinton (Len), 

 Ivor A. English, 

F  Maurice Feetham, 

 Terry Ford, 

G  Joan Gardener, 

 Jock Gardner, 

 Barry Girdlestone, 


 Gene Goodge,  

 John Edward Green (Ted), 

 Colin B Greenwell. 

H  David James Harwood, 

 Captain Peter Howard, 

 Michael J Short-Howard, 

 Ingram Owen Ladbrook Hubbard, 

K  Frank Oliver Stanley King, 

L  Reginald Fred Lake, 

M  Ronald Derek Mace, 

 Ron William Mitchelson, 

N  Harry Neal (Tank), 

O  George Harry John Oakes, 

P  John Arthur Paddy, 

 Nick S H Palmer, 

 Norman Pounder, 

R  Peter Jacob Remmig, 

 David Rippengill, 

 Donald Ross, 

 Bruce B Rudd, 

 Michael C Rumens, 

S  Melvyn John Smith, 

 Major Martin Swale (ret'd), 

T  David Turner, 

W  Eric John Wilkin, 

 Frank R Wright. 

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John A Paddy.

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JOHN ARTHUR PADDY - 14.04.1943 - 30.03.2022 (age 78).

On 30th March 2022, aged 78 years, John passed away at The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House after a short illness.

Beloved husband of the late Pearl, much loved father of Julie, Sharon and Ian, dear father-in-law of Steve, Owen and Sarah, treasured grandad to Stuart and Robert and great grandad to Theo. Funeral Service at Mintlyn Crematorium on Monday, 25th April, 2022 at 1.00pm. Bright colours to be worn. Family flowers only please.

Donations can be made on behalf of the bereaved to their choice of charity: Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House. Thornalley Funeral Services, Austin Street, King's Lynn, PE30 1QH.

After the service many friends and relations attended the William Burt Social Club, Watering Lane, West Winch, King's Lynn, PE33 0JY.

The Service for John was conducted at Mintlyn Crematorium on Monday 25 April 2022 at 1pm. The Civil Celebrant was Helen Drake.

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John Attended school at St James School, London Road then went to Gaywood Park School,

John and his brother David joined the Sea Scouts.


John first job on leaving school he went to the Technical College did an apprenticeship with Travis & Arnold on the docks, he loveed working with timber.


John started work on the docks on 18 September 1967 following his father Arthur Paddys foot steps with the NDLB. When the NDLB Scheme ended on 6th July 1989, John transferred to direct employment of BTDB who then took up the name of Associated British Ports (ABP). He worked at the docks at King's Lynn till 1997 when he was made redundant (between April and 31st December 1997). He did some agency work at other places via a couple of agencies but returned to ABP with South Coast Port Services and once again worked at the docks in King's Lynn at various times till about 2018.

John was extremely talented and operated all types of cargo handling equipment. He was a very skilled operator of tug masters, fork trucks, shovel loaders, and in the days of the Ro/Ro helped with the driving on and off the tractors, many Skoda cars and other imported plant and machinery.


Sadly John lost his wife Pearl on 5th April 2007, it was a very sad time for him and his family. John was a very much loved father of Julie, Sharon and Ian, dear father-in-law of Steve, Owen and Sarah, treasured grandad to Stuart and Robert and great grandad to Theo.

John was always working round the house carrying out repairs and improvements, also helping out family as well. John Lived in his home at West Winch for 57 years.


John enjoyed all types of carpentry and made a number bespoke pieces of furnature. He did a brief course in bricklaying as well.


More details and photographs to be added.

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Patricia M Barnard.

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PATRICIA MARIE BARNARD (Pat) - 21.09.1933 - 08.03.2022 (age 88).

Peacefully, on the 8th March, 2022, aged 88 years, of Tilney All Saints, formerly of West Winch.

A beloved wife of the late Jim, loving mum of Cherry and mother-in-law of Martin. A much loved nan of James, Michael and Katie and great-nan to Elena, Ivan, Rose, Luke and the late George.

Funeral Service was held at Mintlyn Crematorium on Wednesday, 23 March, 2022 at 10:00am.

Donations, if desired, for Dogs Trust, may be made online via www.tfs.co.uk/obituary. Thornalley Funeral Services., Austin Street, King's Lynn, PE30 1QH.

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The Service for Pat took place at Mintlyn Crematorium on Wednesday, 23 March, 2022 at 10:00am. The Celebrant was ___________ from Hunstanton.


Pat attended Roseberry Avenue Primary School and then the WN&KL High School for Girls in King Street, King's Lynn. She also attended the Technical College to learn shorthand and typing (whilst working for EEB).


On leaving school Pat started her first job working for Eastern Electricity Board on Wootton Road, King's Lynn doing clerical work.


First Joined the docks as a paybill clerk in 19__ and worked there till just before the birth of Cherry in 1957. During her period away from the docks Pat opened a shop at West Winch and lived there for several years. It faced the main road and was very popular with the residents and many passing by on the A10. After around three years in 1969 Pat decided the long hours on her feet were affecting her health and the shop was subsequently sold. It was then when Pat returned to the docks for the second time on 19th January 1970 where she remained in the position of Snr paybill clerk till her early retirement in December 1990 .

Pat's Passion-Home.

Pat and Jim moved into their new house called Washbay Collies in Watering Lane, West Winch. (Built by Pat's farther Albert Jackson). This was Pat's passion and she spent many hours cleaning and decorating. Both Pat and Jim spent much of their spare time with the East Anglian Collie Association, arranging three shows per year, committee meetings and all the associated administration.

Having worked on the docks for so many years Pat and Jim made lasting friendships with both German and Dutch families, entertaining them one evening a week when the ships were in port. This led to Pat and Jim enjoying much time in their homes, especially at weddings etc. Pat liked to holiday in heat, but she needed plenty of Dutch courage to get on a plane! When Pat and Jim first retired, they loved helping to care for their three grandchildren whilst Cherry worked, and as the children got older hosting band practices in their garage and providing breakfast for undergraduates travelling to Cambridge. Pat and Jim were very proud of all their grandchildren who graduated with degrees.

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Colin B Greenwell.

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Colin B Greenwell BSc CEng, MICE - 14th July 1952 - 8th February 2020. (age 67 1/2).

Colin died very suddenly and unexpectedly 4 days after returning from a skiing holiday with his wife and friends - a relatively new pastime that he and his wife Anne had taken up later in life and both thoroughly loved.

Colin was born in Glasgow on 14th July 1952 (Bastille Day) and met his future wife Anne at Aberdeen University where he subsequently gained a BSc in Civil Engineering. They were married on 1st June 1974 in the University Chapel and after a brief term of employment with Taylor Woodrow, Colin's port related career began at Aberdeen Harbour Board before joining ABP (formerly British Transport Docks Board) as Assistant Port Engineer in Barry, South Wales.

Colin also leaves behind two daughters - Laura and Leona - and four granddaughters Nathalie and Anabelle (parents: Laura and Peter) and Ava and Isla (parents: Leona and Luciano). He was a proud father and grandfather and revelled in the successes and achievements of all his family.

He was a keen sailor and for many years regularly participated in RORC cross-channel racing and Fastnet races. He also jumped at the opportunity to partner his long term friend and colleague Nick Palmer aboard the Lord Nelson sail training ship (capable of catering for wheel chair users) for a sailing experience around the west coast of Scotland.

He was a keen golfer and took an active part in his local golf club for many years as Treasurer, Club Captain and ultimately as Chairman during times that saw significant changes for the Club and its members.

However one of his proudest and most enjoyable achievements was the redesign and refurbishment of his house in Bovey Tracey - a project that lasted almost 2 years from start to finish in October 2019. He loved every minute of it, was always prepared to help with any task whether menial, dirty or technical and formed a close and trusted relationship with everyone who worked on the project. Sadly he only had a brief period to enjoy the fruits of his endeavours.


The Service for Colin took place at Exeter Crematorium, St Peters Chapel, on Friday 28th February 2020 at 3.30pm. The Celebrant was Bo McAllister.

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Eulogy by Laura and Leona.

 View Eulogy given by Colin's and Anne's Daughters. 


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Photo ref: Full Kit.

© 2007

Photo 2

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Photo ref: colin-sailing001Bw

© 2010

Photo 3

Photo ref: colin-sailing001w

© 2010

Photo 4

Photo ref: IMG_0308_003

© 2013

Photo 5

The above photographs:

No 2. This was the occasion of our younger daughter's wedding on 19th May 2007. (Colin loved to wear his kilt (family tartan - Ancient Boyd) and occasions such as weddings justified the full regalia. It used to take him twice as long (at least) to get ready as I did - no exaggeration!!)

No's 3 & 4. Colin at the wheel (09/10/2010) This was the occasion of Colin's close friend and colleague's 70th birthday celebration on 9th October 2010 aboard the Provident. Colin and Jeremy worked for several years on Teignmouth Harbour Commission together - Jeremy was Chairman. For his 70th Jeremy chartered the Provident (owned by Trinity Sailing Foundation) - it was a really stormy day unfortunately and most of the crew (including the permanent crew) were properly seasick - but Colin always had the constitution of an ox particularly where sailing was concerned. As you can see, a man in his element, enjoying the elements!!

No 5. This was skiing in Chatel with elder daughter Laura and family. No particular special occasion. It is down to Laura and Peter + family that we took up skiing in the first place. In 2013 we accompanied them to Verbier to help with afternoon childcare while parents continued to enjoy the slopes. To cut a long story short, we decided/were persuaded to have a go ourselves - and as they say the rest is history. We absolutely loved skiing - were ultimately quite proficient - but loved the mountains, the scenery, the clean air, feeling exhausted at the end of the day..marvellous!!!

Photo: Nick_Colin sailing08 004

© Palmer and Greenwell family

Photo 6

Photo ref: PeterFam-67_002

© 2018

Photo 7

Photo ref: DSC00775

© Palmer and Greenwell family

Photo 8

The above photographs:

No 6.The Lord Nelson was an adventure that they both wanted to participate in and which they both thoroughly enjoyed - but which was also a little bitter sweet as it highlighted the progression of Nick's illness. Colin and Nick in earlier years had played squash together (fuelled with good humoured, competitive, male one-upmanship and a lot of "is that the best you can do??") and as a foursome we had played golf, done barging holidays and really relished each others company.

No 7.This was my younger daughter's 40th birthday family celebration day out at Hampton Court on 14th July 2018. (Birthday date was 25th May but the day out was on 14th July when we could all get together. As you might notice 14th July was also Colin's birthday - so an extra special day for him too.)

Names L to R back row: Luciano (Merolla), Laura (Foulds), Anne (Colin's wife), Colin, Leona (Merolla), Peter (Foulds) Names L to R front row: Isla (Merolla), Anabelle (Foulds), Ava (Merolla), Nathalie (Foulds)

(As I mentioned before, the only married couple standing together is Colin & Anne (Colin's wife), the grandchildren have opted to mix and match too (phew!!) - hence why the surnames are shown.

No 8. Barging holiday photo taken in July 2007. It was a leisurely holiday for both couples (Nick & Julie, Colin & Anne) chugging along from destination to destination with plenty of time to appreciate beautiful surroundings and enjoy good company.



PLEASE NOTE - Regarding charitable donations we had set up a link via Just Giving. However after a reasonable passage of time this was closed and the monies collected were sent (by Just Giving) to Torbay Hospital ICU. However there is still an easy way of donating should anyone wish to do so.

To make a donation in Colin's name to the "Torbay Hospital ICU department" who worked so incredibly hard to try to save him.  Download this Form  and print it, attach your cheque, then send to the address at the top left hand side of the form. (You can also select "Gift Aid - Taxfree Giving" if you are a tax payer. By doing this each £1 you give the charity can claim back a further 25p).


Photographs whilst at BTDB/ABP King's Lynn (June 1985 to April 1989) as Assistant Port Manager.

Photo ref: 85_154741

©  John Barrett LRPS.

King's Lynn A1

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Photo ref: 86_f414_93


King's Lynn A2

Photo ref: 86_f319_91

© 1993 John Barrett LRPS

King's Lynn A3

Photo ref: 87_647_23a

© 1987 John Barrett LRPS

King's Lynn A4

The above photographs:

No A1.Colin at his Desk in King's Lynn June 1985

No A2. Colin Greenwell (2nd from Left)

No A3. Colin Greenwell (2nd from Right)

No A4. Colin Greenwell (3rd from Left)

Photo ref: DSC/329

© 2003 John Barrett LRPS

King's Lynn A5

Mike Fell OBE, Colin Greenwell, Nick Palmer

Photo ref: 961-0009

© 1987 John Barrett LRPS

King's Lynn A6

Presentation 1978 to Frank Gough

Photo ref: 89/2305/2.

© 1989 John Barrett LRPS

King's Lynn A7

Colin with Civic Visitors (2nd from left).

Photo ref: 87/2/21-22

© 1987 John Barrett LRPS

King's Lynn A8

Colin's Farewell Presentation 1989

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