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A  Steven B Allen, 

B  Ivan Frank Baker, 

 Albert James Barnard (Jim), 

 Patricia Marie Barnard ( Pat), 

 Arthur R Barrett, 

 Margaret M Barrett, 

 Leonard Barwood (Len), 

 John Batch, 

 Helen Bennell, 

 Harold G E Birdseye, 

 Margaret Phyllis Bodger, 

 Teunis Boer (Tom), 

 Ray Boughen, 

 Henry Graham Brown. (Ginger) 

 Captain Geoff Burnham, 

 Edward Page Burton, 

C  Frederick Campbell (Jock), 

 Albert Christie, 

 Kenneth Clarke (Ken), 

D  William David Alfred Dack (Bill), 

E  Ron M. Edgley, 

 David Eke, 

 Leonard G Eglinton (Len), 

 Ivor A. English, 

F  Maurice Feetham, 

 Terry Ford, 

G  Joan Gardener, 

 Jock Gardner, 

 Barry Girdlestone, 


 Gene Goodge,  

 John Edward Green (Ted), 

 Colin B Greenwell. 

H  David James Harwood, 

 Captain Peter Howard, 

 Michael J Short-Howard, 

 Ingram Owen Ladbrook Hubbard, 

K  Frank Oliver Stanley King, 

L  Reginald Fred Lake, 

M  Ronald Derek Mace, 

 Ron William Mitchelson, 

N  Harry Neal (Tank), 

O  George Harry John Oakes, 

P  John Arthur Paddy, 

 Nick S H Palmer, 

 Norman Pounder, 

R  Peter Jacob Remmig, 

 David Rippengill, 

 Donald Ross, 

 Bruce B Rudd, 

 Michael C Rumens, 

S  Melvyn John Smith, 

 Major Martin Swale (ret'd), 

T  David Turner, 

W  Eric John Wilkin, 

 Frank R Wright. 

The following in date order.

Barry Girdlestone

Barry Charles Girdlestone - 1st August 1943 - 10th December 2003

On Wednesday 10th December 2003 Barry died peacefully at his home in King's Lynn, age 60. His funeral was held at Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn, on Wednesday 17th December at 9.15am. The service was conducted by Rev. Heather Berry.

Barry was born at Highgate King's Lynn and has an elder sister June, he attended Gaywood Park School King's Lynn and left aged 16 to join the King's Lynn canning factory Beulahs.

Barry married Sylvia at St Nicholas chapel King's Lynn in 1967, they had two daughters Christine born in 1968 and Jackie born 4 years later. Barry was a very practical man and enjoyed DIY and gardening, he was very good at decorating and spent a lot of time decorating for his family. Barry was a very keen footballer playing for the King's Lynn "Vanguards". It was always a topic for discussion within the fitters shop. Barry was diagnosed as having cancer two and a half years ago. He enjoyed many hours of pleasure with his five grandchildren, he played football with them and wrote them letters whilst he was able.

Barry joined the King's Lynn Docks (then BTDB) engineering department on 12th December 1961. Barry worked with the fitters maintaining the vast range of mechanical equipment on the dock estate He worked for Associated British Ports till November 1990 (having completed almost 29 years service). Some of the many staff who worked with Barry at the Port attended his funeral - Neville Everett, Bert Fry, John Barrett, Michael Bray, Donald Birdseye, Dick Woods, Frank Bray, Les Rigby and Dave Good. The family invited those who attended the service to join them at the Sandboy at Bawsey for coffee after the service.

Donations for St James House Surgery District Nurses equipment fund St James Medical Practice, County Court Road, King's Lynn.

Photographs of Barry taken on his last day working at the Port of King's Lynn November 1990 Ref: 90/454/7,12,14 and 13

Frank King

Frank Oliver Stanley King - 17th January 1920 - 27th August 2002

On 27th August 2002 Frank died peacefully at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, age 82, his funeral was held at Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn on Tuesday 3rd September at 9.15am. Frank started work at the Port of Lynn on the 17th March 1952 as a Foreman Bricklayer and was clerk of the works on a number of projects at the Docks. Frank ran the dock stores until he retired. Frank's son Robert (Bobby) also worked at the docks for many years. Frank married his wife Mary whilst living in London, but Frank returned to King's Lynn to look after his father. Frank and Mary would have celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in March next year (2003). Frank had many enjoyments in life, his family, reading, and processing colour photographs - he was always busy. He enjoyed a dance and a drink at the St Augustines Club in King's Lynn. He also enjoyed many holidays with Mary in Spain. The funeral was arranged by Thornally Funeral Services, 51/55 St James Street, King's Lynn. PE30 5BZ.

David James Harwood

David James Harwood. (Dave) 31st July 1935 - 23rd August 2002 (Photo Ref __)

On 23rd August 2002 Dave died at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, after a long illness age 67, his funeral was held at Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn, on Monday 2nd September at 3.15pm and was conducted by the Rev Heather Berry, of St Faith's Church, Gaywood. Many friends and family attended the service together with a considerable number of ex-working colleagues who worked with David whilst at King's Lynn Docks. David spent most of his life working in connection with ships and the sea. After his childhood and youth living in the North Lynn area he served in the Royal Navy throughout almost all of the 1950's. During his Naval enlistment he was a crewmember of the modern survey ship H.M.S. Vidal undertaking several consecutive commissions to the Caribbean Sea and Central America for the purpose of extensive oceanographic surveys. The ship and crew also attended H.R.H. The Princess Margaret on her visits to the area. On leaving the Navy his main employment was with the Port of Lynn. David started work at the Port of Lynn on the 10th September 1962 as a Stevedore-Foreman. David worked for the Port of Lynn for around 15 Years. David finally retired from work in February 1999 due to ill health.

Donations for Papworth Hospital c/o Thornalley Funeral Services, Austin Street , King's Lynn. PE30 1QH (Tel: 01553 771339)

Ron M. Edgley

Ron M. Edgley (Dockwatchman/Weighbridgeman) - 7th October 1930 - 18th March 2002 (Photo ref OB405)

On 18th March 2002 Ron died peacefully at his home in King's Lynn, age 71 years, his funeral was held at Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn, on Thursday 28th March 2002 at 11.30am. and was conducted by Rev. Peter Farrow. Many friends and family attended the service that was almost to full capacity. Donations, were for the Injured Jockeys Fund c/o Thornalley Funeral Services, Austin Street , King's Lynn. PE30 1QH (Tel: 01553 771339) - (almost £200 raised as on 16 April 2002)

Ron a widower married Patricia in 1953 and had two sons (twin boys) David and John in 1956.

At 18 Ron did his National Service as a cook. And before joining the docks he worked for West Norfolk Fertilisers, and R G Carters as a carpenter.

Ron joined the docks on 21st July 1969 and worked there for 22 years as a Dockwatchman and Weighbridgeman. On leaving the docks he worked till his retirement at the King's Lynn Police Station as a caretaker.

Photograp of: Ray Boughen

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Ray Boughen (Relayer - Railways) 23rd February 2002. (Photo (83-84)F79/97).

On 23rd February 2002 Ray died peacefully at his home age 73 years, his funeral was held at Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn, on Tuesday 5th March 2002 at 11.30am. The service was conducted by the Rev Matthew Jackson. Many friends and family attended. Ray started work in Peterborough as a farm worker, and from this he gained a great love of nature and animals, particularly horses. He then moved to Wisbech before coming to King's Lynn and working for the civil engineering department of R G Carters as a steel fixer. Then he joined the port of Lynn and worked there till his retirement. Ray was a member of the Transport and General Workers Union Club. Ray leaves a wife Louise to whom he had been married for more than 50 years, and two children Jasmine and Stuart, son-in-law Paul and daughter in-law Wana. He also had three grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Donations as service, for P.D.S.A.

Ray worked for the Port of Lynn in the Port Engineer's Department and left around 1983/4.


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Photographs of: Peter Remmig

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Peter Jacob Remmig (Dockgateman). 13th July 1936 - 25th November.2002 (Photo ref 90_434_34p)

On 25th November 2000 Peter died suddenly at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn, age 64. Peter was born in Rotterdam, Holland. During the second world war he was ill from eating flower bulbs, as food was short during this time in Holland. When he started work he became a trainee cook on passenger ships. After some years he worked as a cook on the cargo ship "Trompenburgh", which sailed into Lynn. This is how he met his wife, Dorothy.

On leaving the ship Peter started work as a dockgateman at the Port of King's Lynn in the Dock Master's department on 11th June 1964 in the days of the B.T.D.B. (British Transport Docks Board). He retired from the company on 26th May 1990 after nearly twenty six years, due to ill health. On retiring Peter and his wife Dorothy attended a presentation in the Port Manager's office with several of his work colleagues. David George who was Port Manager at the time carried out the presentation.

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Peters funeral service was held at Mintlyn Crematorium, King's Lynn, on Thursday 30th November 2000 at 1.45pm. Donations werw for Special Care Baby Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn - donations can be made or sent c/o Thornalley Funeral Services, Austin Street, King's Lynn. PE30 1QH (Tel: 01553 771339).

Last UPDATE - 14th June 2012, Further photographs added, some received from Peters Son Paul.


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Ivor A. English

Ivor A. English (Diver)20.04.1933 - 08.09.2000 - (Photo Ref F29/18)

On the 8th September 2000 Ivor died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn after a long illness, age 67. Ivor started work at the Port of King's Lynn in the carpenters' shop in the days of B.T.D.B on the 26th May 1956 and worked till the end of 1983 when ABP ceased having its own diving crew. Ivor spent his time working for the Port Engineering department carrying out a variety of tasks, he spent 21 years with the diving team and was the senior diver when he ended his service. He was always known as "Ivor the Diver". The photograph below left shows (left to right) Steve Grange, Bill Booth, Richard Adams, Ivor, and Bert Fry (Engineering Foreman/Diving Supervisor). The funeral service was held on Friday, 15th September at St. Nicholas Chapel, King's Lynn at 2pm. More than 150 people attended the service conducted by Canon Bill Hurdman, Vicar of St Margaret's with St Nicholas, Rural Dean of Lynn, and Hon. Chaplain, Missions to Seafarers. The family had requested family flowers only. Donations, if desired. for Leukaemia Research can be sent to Thornalley Funeral Services, Austin Street , King's Lynn. PE30 1QH (Tel: 01553 771339).

(Photo2 - F29/18) Diving crew preparing to dive. Left to Right: Steve Grange, Bill Booth (in divers outfit) Richard Adams, Ivor, Bert Fry

(Photo3 - F51/43) Diving crew. Left to Right: Bert Fry, Ivor English, Richard Adams, Steve Grange and Bill Booth

Maurice Feetham

Maurice Feetham. 25th April 1926 - 7th June 2000 (Photo Ref 88/835/27 taken 28.02.1988)

On 7th June, 2000, Maurice died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn after a short illness, age 74. Maurice was born at Welney and educated at Littleport. I remember Maurice when he worked at the dock, he joined BTDB on 11th January 1965 (age 39) as a Mobile Crane Driver/tractor driver, he was a well- respected member of staff and 20 years ago whilst working at the docks he underwent major heart surgery at Papworth Hospital. I remember that he was one of the founders of the King's Lynn "Zip Club"; this was formed by a group of people who had undergone major heart surgery like himself. I recall that several events were held to raise money for the Papworth Hospital. I expect most retired members will recall that Debbie (his daughter) who joined BTDB on 26th January 1970 worked in the office for many years also.

Maurice leaves a wife Bella, daughter Debbie, son-in-law Dennis and grandchildren Antony and Andrew. The funeral was held at St. Faith's Church, Gaywood, King's Lynn, on Tuesday 13th June at 1.15pm, followed by cremation at Mintlyn. I attended together with many of his fellow workers from the old NDLB. The vicar spoke of the times 1951 to 1965 when Maurice owned a fish and chip shop in Gaywood, and from 1951 to 1953 he was landlord of the Freebridge pub at West Lynn.

David Turner

David Turner. 6th March 1946 - 21st March 2000.

On 21st March 2000 after a long illness David Turner died suddenly age 54. David accepted early retirement from ABP in October 1997 due to ill health as a result of his Parkinsons Disease. A farewell presentation took place in the Dock office Kings Lynn on 30th November 1997, Port Manager David George spoke about Davids 25 years service at the Port of King's Lynn joining BTDB on 24th August 1970 as a Stores Clerk. He received his long service award having completed 25 years service with the company in 1995. David was a well-liked and popular member of staff at the ABP Port - he certainly will be remembered as one of the port's popular characters. In his leisure time David had many interests. At one time or another many members of staff benefited from his gardening skills as he would bring in produce from his allotment. He also sailed from the Snettisham Sailing Club. He was a very accomplished photographer. Photography was his main hobby and as a member of the Royal Photographic Society he gained the distinction of A.R.P.S. He encouraged many people with his photographic skills, and with his expertise helped others gain distinctions at the Royal Photographic society.

Over the years he had been a very active member of the King's Lynn and Hunstanton camera club. He always encouraged those with less talent than himself to achieve higher standards. He was a very accomplished judge at many photographic competitions throughout Norfolk and Cambridgshire. During his latter years he moved on to digital photography and he spent many hours preparing prints in his special way on his home computer. His funeral was held on 31st March 2000, donations being for the Parkinsons Association.

Ken Clarke.

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Kenneth Clarke (Ken) - 29th February 1912 - 26th June 1988 (age 76).

He lived in Gaywood all his life, on leaving school went to work at Ladyman's and carpenters shop at Savages after gaining an apprenticeship as a joiner/carpenter with Medwell's Builders. Then came the depression in the thirties. Eventually he worked for F W Shanks Builders (Hunstanton) and helped to rebuild Fring Hall. He was also involved in the building of the Kit Kat restaurant at Hunstanton. Before moving to the docks he worked for R & W Paul as a Millwright.

Ken was in the ARP from 1938 to 1940. He joined the R A F V A as a carpenter/boat builder with the air sea rescue service and saw service in Scotland, Shetland Isles, Ireland and the Far East. Promoted to sergeant boat-builder (South East Asia Command), he was in Bombay, Calcutta, and Rangoon in Burma.

Ken started work at the Docks on 29th November 1935, as chief carpenter under Docks Manager Mr Ivan J Thatcher when the docks was being operated by King's Lynn Docks and Railway Co. At that time the department employed more that 100 people. Ken had been Clerk of the Works when the oil jetty was constructed in the Bentinck Dock, and the removal of the outer lock gates in 1948 using a tank craft.

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Ken and his colleagues were responsible for making tools for the dockers; building the docks own rowboats: running planks which the dockers used when timber was discharged by hand over the ship sides; ladders and many other items. In those days almost everything was made of timber, hence such a big staff. As a founder-member of the docks sports and social club. It was very active in those days with trips away, flower and vegetable shows, photographic competitions, musical events and some dinner dances at Christmas times. Ken was always in demand for his singing at docks concerts and socials. The first Docks dinner was held at Ely's Restaurant, King's Lynn. Ken finally retired on 1st March 1977 as Carpenter and General Foreman after 42 years' service. Since he started at the Docks Ken has served under five port managers.

The Funeral took place at St Faith's Church, Gayton Road, King's Lynn on Thursday 30th June 1988. The service was taken by the Rev Colin Way, the organist was Miss F M Willden. Internment took place at Gayton Road Cemetery and donations were made to Coronary Care Fund, Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Funeral Directors A J Coggles, 63-64 Norfolk Street, King's Lynn.

St Faith's Church choir (Mrs E. Price Jones, Mrs D Horrex, Mrs J Stevens, Mrs R. Williamson, Miss F Willden, Mr W J Woods, Mr V Price Jones, Mr E Shipp, Mr I Mason, Mr J Coston and Mrs H W Jennings), as a tribute to a former chorister sang Sanctus by Schubert (Holy, Holy, Holy), Lord is my Shepherd, Be though my Vision and Nunc Dimittis, as the coffin left the church the organ played I know my Redeemer Liveth by Handel.

Ken was married to Freda (who died on 20th September 1962) and he leaves one son John, daughter-in-law Janet, grandad of Petula, and Kevin (deceased). The Reverend Way in his address said Mr Clarke had lead a full life and had used his skills and talent to help other people.

Among his hobbies gardening, painting, writing poems and his diary.

His main interest had been music and singing, he sang his first solo in St Faiths Church Gaywood at the age of eighteen, and was a choir member of St Faiths, St Margaret's (KL Minster), Lynn Music Society, Wisbech Male Voice Choir and Shirley Singers. A powerful bass baritone singer he sang at many events in the West Norfolk Area. During the War he was a member of the RAF Concert Party on board a transporter going to India and at numerous RAF stations.

Acknowledgement and thanks to John Clarke (Kens Son) for supplying much of the above information and some of the gallery photographs.

Various documents and press cuttings collected by Ken.


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Ron W. Mitchelson.

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Ron W. Mitchelson - 6th June 1924 - 3rd September 1984

On 3rd September 1984, suddenly at his home, 2 Townsend Terrace, King's Lynn, Ronald William Mitchelson, age 60 years, Beloved Husband of Pamela, dear father of Angela, David, Jenny and Carl and loving Grand-dad to his Grandchildren. Dearest brother of Fred, dear brother-in-law of Poppy, dear uncle of Mike, Laureen and Nin. Will be greatly missed and always remembered.

Funeral service was held at St Nicholas Chapel, King's Lynn on 9th September 1984 followed by interment at Gayton Road cemetery. Family flowers only. Donations for the King's Lynn Hospital League of Friends. c/o R H Fayers & Sons. Funeral Directors. 42/43 Railway Road, King's Lynn.

Ron started work at the Docks on 6th January 1947, and reluctantly retired as Chief dock foreman on 11th May 1984 after 37 years' service at the port.

Ron had always livered in north dockland and fishing quarter of Lynn, apart from his wartime Army service in India and Burma.

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Ron began his docks career as a platelayer on the port's extensive rail network, he held various other jobs before being promoted to chief dock foreman.

During Ron's career there have been spectacular advances in the speed and efficiency of cargo handling, and he has played an influential role in enhancing Lynn's reputation for turnaround of ships.

Ron recalled the 200 dockers at the port, but at the time of his retirement the dockers numbered just 54 but the job was very different and much harder in those days.

At one time it was not uncommon for dock workers to complete shifts of 12 hours or more, and for ships to be discharged well into the night.

Ron struck up many friends with ship's crews from far and wide, and at the point of his death Ron continued to correspond with a retired Dutch captain who commanded a cargo vessel several years ago on the run between Lynn and Rotterdam.

Acknowledgement and thanks to David Mitchelson (Ron's Son) for supplying the above information and some of the gallery photographs.


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David Rippengill - 10.02.1943 - 15.01.1984.

David started work at the Docks on 1st January 1962, he retired on ___________ as Administration Officer.

David had two sisters Maureen and Betty, and one brother Frank

David worked for many years as assistant to Arthur R Barrett and after Arthur Barrett's retirement on 30 Sept 1977 he continued to work with Bob Owen (Port Manager) as an Administration Officer.

If you have any details or photographs of David, especially taken on the docks please click on CONTACT ME at the top of this page.

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