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1. About the website

On 20th July 2011 I relaunched the 3rd edition of J C Barrett (Photographic) website. I have been working on this new site for quite some time and with my greater knowledge of building websites I am using some of the latest technology and the highest degree of security that's available. The previous website was last upgraded in March 2000. The number of unused images I have is staggering. As well as my many thousands of my own images for the Port of King's Lynn, and from my freelance days for the Lynn News, I now have many more that have come to light on film and even some on plates that my father had collected during his 50 years at the port. I have added a few of these and will be adding some more together with some of the history he collected.

2. History about me and Photography

I had my first darkroom back in my school days, somehow I was the one that always took the school photographs of the various groups for the school magazine etc. I have been taking photographs as far back as I can remember. When I married Jane in July 1967 my priorities changed and with a young family (2 boys) photography seemed to take a back seat for a number of years. I have always credited David Turner ARPS (deceased) for inspiring me back into the world of photography. We both worked for the Port of King's Lynn and at times went out together taking photographs and going to photographic events. Regrettably in 2000 due to ill health I had to take early retirement. It has however given me some time to pursue my interest in photography once again.

Whilst taking publicity photographs at the docks I was also given the opportunity to carry out some freelance photography for the" Lynn News" and a free paper called the "The Leader", now known as "The Citizen". Whilst freelancing I gained a lot of experience of press work and as a result I gained a lot of contacts with other newspapers, both local and national. I was given many types of assignments, presentations, news stories, coverage of accidents as well as lots of good news stories, and royal events etc. I have spent many an hour with other professional press photographers whilst they were in Norfolk. During this period I took thousands of photographs at various events, some have never been seen (as yet).

I gained my Licentiate (LRPS) with the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in May 1985 at the age of 41 and remained a member till December 2017.

I think Jane would say that computers have over the years also played a big part in my life, being a hobby that does not require a lot of rushing about and suits me well.

3. Other Photographic Interests:

I was made an Honorary Member of the King's Lynn & District Camera Club, a club I had been associated with since 17th October 1983 I was an active member until 12th March 2011. I was in the past also involved with Brancaster camera club, and Norfolk Photography Group (Mundesley Photographic Group).

I first joined the KL&DCC on 17th October 1983 and was a member for many years, but due to work commitments did not attend for several years. Since going back to the club I had been a very active member, and for a time was vice chairman, I also created the club's first website that helped to promote it. I was the websmaster for this for 8 years up to 13 July 2011.

4. My Past Objectives

5. The Barrett link with the Port of King's Lynn

King's Lynn Docks has been part of my life as far back as I can remember. It's a place that has always been close to the hearts of many members of my family. My father worked at the docks for almost fifty years having started his career on 24th Oct 1927 (age 15) as office boy, and retiring on 30 Sept 1977 as Staff and Administration Clerk. He had many memories of his time at the port and used to tell me about his time there. My father died on 30th December 2005 age 93. (see "Obituary Report Arthur Reginald Barrett"). My father met my mother whilst she was secretary to the Port Manager. She started on 28th April 1941 (age 18) and worked there until 1st July 1944.

The story does not end there. On 18th Jan 1943 my aunt joined the staff as a junior clerk (age 14) and worked there until 21st Feb 1948. Coincidentally, I met my wife in 1965 when she was working as secretary to the Port Manager, this was before I actually joined the company. We were married on 24th July 1967, and we now have two sons and two grandsons.

On the 14th Oct 1974 I joined the Docks Engineer's department (British Transport Docks Board) and I worked there until 30th April 2001, taking early retirement due to ill-health. I have seen many changes at the port during my time. I was made one of the management team in 1989 and retired as Maintenance Manager heading the engineering department at King's Lynn.

6. Help with the site:

Some photographs (Docks related) have been supplied to me by retired staff some of these are lacking information who/what/ where etc. I am aware that many of the current and retired staff of the docks visit my website, if you can help with any further information I will be pleased to hear from you. You can always send me information or make contact using the "CONTACT ME" form. It's secure and your details will remain safe at all times (not circulated to anyone).

7. Special Note (Quality of photographs)

The quality of the photographs shown in my web pages has been purposely produced in lower quality to avoid unauthorised copying and infringement of my copyrights. Unauthorised copying of any photographs is strictly prohibited. (see Copyright notice at the foot of each page)

In general you can see the latest updates to the site from the HOME PAGE using the links above the changing photographs or from the LATEST NEWS PAGE.

John Barrett 9th January 2012 - (revised October 2018.)

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